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Durham Region's 2015 Greenbelt Review and looking back on Pickering
My family moved from Toronto to Durham when my sister and I were only six months old. We played in Petticoat Creek Conservation Area in the summer, fall, winter, and spring—always racing home when the streetlights started to come on. On March 6, 2014, I was in Durham again—but this time in Courtice, to attend the first of three public consultations for the Durham Region Greenbelt Plan Review. READ MORE...

Value-added activities, such as canning, can increase farm viability From Field to Farm Gate: Value-Added

Value-added activities such as secondary processing, agri-tourism, and related farm sales are increasingly recognized as a diversification strategy that can enhance farm viability.

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A slice of cake from the 9th Anniversary You can have Your Cake and... And eat it it too in Ontario's Greenbelt! Staff Kevin Cooper deconstructs the Greenbelt's 9th Anniversary all-local cake.

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A great horned owl Owl Prowl-ing On a cold winter night, four Greenbelt staff head up to the Humber College campus to trek in the urban woods of the Humber Arboretum for elusive owls…

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Children in a ravine learning about nature Love Your Ravines Green. Water. Valley. Walking. Those are the first things that come mind when I think of "ravines." We are fortunate to have a plethora of ravines in the GTA…

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