Marrying Fresh Beginnings with Fresh Food in the Greenbelt


Recently I got out into the Greenbelt to Northumberland for a friend’s wedding. The bride’s father is an organic farmer and naturally – no pun intended - she decided to have her wedding out on his beautiful farmland.

I had a wonderful time exploring with my daughter and the bride’s father took us all out onto the farm for a part of the evening, explaining his farming process and allowing people to pick their own veggies to take home. My two-year-old daughter decided on a large perfectly ripe red tomato – and I had no fear of her touching chemicals because as I mentioned, all of his produce is grown organically.  

One of the best parts of the day was that all of the food at the reception was grown right there at the Greenbelt farm – except for the chicken – but that was also locally sourced in the Greenbelt from an ethical and natural poultry farm . It was delicious, healthy and the cold farm-fresh herb sauce for the chicken was stunning.  

Ps. Later that week, my family enjoyed the big juicy ripe tomato my daughter picked at the farm – and let me tell you - there’s nothing quite like the taste of a locally-grown Greenbelt tomato.

Susan Murray

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