view of farmers fields and forests from a hill

Farmers' Markets are opening around the Greenbelt! With the arrival of spring comes the increased availability of fruits and vegetables. If you're not sure about what's in season, we have a handy seasonality guide to help you discover what's being brought to market. Check it out!

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Bike on path Bike Month

Bike month is upon us! From May 28th to June 30th we encourage you to get outside and enjoy all the benefits of biking. Asides from the improved cardio you can discover so many of the wonders of the Greenbelt from the seat of your bike.

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Volunteers in field testing soil Soil Testing with the Erin Soil Health Coalition Erica Woods, Communications Manager at the Greenbelt Foundation, tells us about her day testing soil with other volunteers to help understand what healthy soil looks like on our Greenbelt farms.

Photo - Corn in Field Learn About Green Infrastructure If you're looking to continue learning about what Green Infrastructure is, how it benefits our communities, and how you can put some in your yard check out our Green Infrastructure page for all the resources you need to get started.

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Orange geko among leaves The Natural Heritage of the Greenbelt The Greenbelt is shaped by three special environments: the Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine, and the Carolinian Life Zone. It’s in these rare ecosystems that we find so much of the Greenbelt's remarkable biodiversity.

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Want to know what's happening in the Greenbelt this summer?

We want to share with you all the exciting events happening this summer in the Greenbelt! From farmers' market openings, to biking in the Greenbelt, to Craft Beer Week there's a lot going on. Let us know if you want us to keep updated.

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