Mini-Interview with Marci Boecking- A Past Participant of the Tour de Greenbelt!


I got the opportunity to ask a past participant of the Tour de Greenbelt, Marci Boecking, a couple of questions about herself and her Tour de Greenbelt experiences!!! 

Marci's energetic answers are totally inspiring, they make me want to sign-up for all 4 days of the Tour this year! Happy reading!

Who is Marci Boecking?

I am an I.T. banking nerd who is getting into (at least temporarily) organic farming next year, and completely looking forward to working outside the cubicle.  I grew up in Hamilton, but have lived in and enjoyed many parts of the Greenbelt, including north Mississauga.  I eat healthy, probably have too many hobbies, and try to do my best for the environment.  I thoroughly believe in taking individual steps to be part of a larger positive movement.

What kind of bike do you ride?

Up until April of this year, a loaded mountain bike that was out of alignment and 35+ lbs.  I am now the VERY proud owner of an Electra Ticino, a light hybrid with a forward-pedaling design that makes 2-3 hour rides an absolute breeze.

How often do you ride your bike?

Not as often as I wished I could; I don't live close enough to work to commute with it.  However, on nice weekend mornings, on work-from-home days or on random trips with friends, I've been known to take it for a long spin.  I'm also lucky enough to live near parts of the Bruce Trail, and believe it or not, my hybrid's been holding up well on some pretty rough terrain.

Why do you ride the Tour de Greenbelt?

Mainly to get out and experience routes and scenery I can't appreciate from the seat of a car.  I also LOVE the crowd it brings out, the delicious food and how incredibly organized it all is!  The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation have done a fantastic job since ride # 1.

What's your favourite part about the Tour de Greenbelt?

I love when friends who don't consider themselves big riders come out (often with a borrowed bike) and quickly realize that it's about having fun, getting some exercise and meandering (10 points for me!) through some really beautiful parts of Ontario. Everyone can ride.  Cycling is not about fitting into a culture or following a trend.  It's an environmentally-friendly way to get around and to stay active, whether you ride on a road at Tour de France speeds, or on a barely-paved forest trail in a frilly skirt.  It's all good in my books.

Who would you recommend the Tour de Greenbelt to?

EVERYONE.  And I do.  :)

Any other thoughts about the Tour de Greenbelt you'd like to share!?

I've done a Niagara route every year since the Tour started.  I am doing it again this year, and as long as I'm in Ontario, I don't plan on missing a Tour in the future!  It's always a great time.  Thanks to everyone who has a hand in putting this event together.  It really is flawless for all the riders!


Thanks to Marci for taking the time to answer my questions! See you on the road!


Jen Fawcette
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