Mini-interview with Siloam Orchards for the Tour de Greenbelt


The Tour de Greenbelt wants you to appreciate what the Ontario Greenbelt offers! Over the course of 2 weekends (September 11th and 12th &  September 25th and 26th) the cycling routes through Greenbelt Ontario will showcase local producers/farmers and wildlife conservations! As a rider you'll have the opportunity to stop and take it all in!

This past Friday I spoke with Eric Hambly from Siolam Orchards, which is one of the major stops on the September 26th route!

Here's the mini-interview I did with Eric Hambly and Siloam Orchards!!!

Tell me a little bit about your orchard.

We're an apple orchard in Uxbridge and our main focus is to grow rare varieties of apples. We have about 300 varieties of apples ranging from the very bitter to very sweet. Many of these varieties of apples came over with the first settlers to the Uxbridge area in the 1800's. We have an apple tasting area with information about the apples. This is where people can really get a chance to taste and learn about the many different types and flavours of apples. There's more to the apple world then just a Granny Smith or Red and Delicious.

Also, our orchards are now open for "Pick Your Own", and the cafe opens in the fall! We also do maple syrup in the spring and have a nursery where we sell trees to hobby orchards or to larger producers. We're Canada's largest producer of rare variety apples.

How long have you owned the orchards?

30 years.

How big is your orchard?

100 acres.

How do you think the Tour de Greenbelt will help you and your orchard?

I'm not too sure. This is the first year that we're a part of the Tour de Greenbelt, so we'll see how it goes!

The orchard is lucky because it's protected, it's located in a building freeze zone. Yet, all around us there is development and sprawl from Markham, and even in the town of Uxbridge. Yet, that being said, when you drive out of Uxbridge to the orchard you're right in the country.

Siloam Orchards

7300 3RD Concession Uxbridge, Ontario (only 45 min from downtown Toronto)


Thanks again to Eric for taking the time to chat with me! I hope to check out your amazing orchard and tasty apples soon! 

Jen Fawcette

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