More Holiday Gift Ideas from the Greenbelt

Check out some more highlights from our Greenbelt Holiday Gift Guide (click the link for the full list and more photos.)



Ontario Leathers from Hide In Hand

Stay toasty and stylish from hand to toe this winter with leather goods from Ontario. Hides in Hands handstitches gloves, moccasins, hobo bags and fur hats with leather procured from hunters across the Greenbelt and Ontario. Visit for more beautiful products.


Intimate Cooking Demo in the Greenbelt’s Wine Country 

In the true spirit of farm-to-table, the Good Earth Food and Wine Co. uses the freshest local produce from in and around the Greenbelt. Learn from some of Ontario’s best chefs, enjoy the convivial atmosphere and come away with a complimentary bottle of wine. $135.00 for the entire experience.


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Upper Canada Cheese Company

Did you know that Comfort Cream, Niagara Gold and Guersney Girl are all local cheeses? And they are right at your fingertips from Niagara creamery, Upper Canada Cheese. Find out where to purchase a selection of local cheeses to share at your holiday party by visiting  or calling (905) 562-9730.


Dutchman’s Gold Greenbelt Wildflower Honey 

Give something sweet with this full-bodied bouquet of Golden Rod, Aster and late summer wildflowers, all grown in the Greenbelt. Buy online, at your local Longos, Sobeys or health food store for $10.79 for a 1kg jar, or take a trip to their 30 year-old apiaries in Carlisle, near the city of Burlington.

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