Not Just a Product - a Place!


According to a statement released by Wendy Cheropita, Director of Marketing for The Wine Council of Ontario, they are reaching out to consumers with a new brand. "Wine Country Ontario" has been introduced to replace the former "Wines of Ontario", expanding on the already successful trademark and highlighting Ontario wine as an experience, a product and a community...  

"We are more than just a bottle of wine. Our new name allows us to be true to our real essence which is the expression of the entirety of the Ontario wine-country experience: how the wine tastes, where it’s made, how it marries with local food, and how it reflects the overall lifestyle of each region," says Cheropita. 

She says that the brand will unite the wine community and help to tell its collective stories.

"It acts as a compelling symbol of our mission—to become the leading marketer of the Ontario wine industry by inspiring, educating and championing Ontario wine and the romance of the unique places where it’s made." 

Cheropita reminds consumers that they are still the same organization and that the Wine Council of Ontario,"... is dedicated to promoting Ontario’s wines and wineries and the local cuisine, year-round activities and warm hospitality of each wine-growing region—but with a fresh outlook, a renewed focus and a clearer understanding of how our audiences perceive us."

If you haven't experienced wine country in a while, the council has developed a new wine route planner and a mobile app expected to launch early this month. 

Visit for more information.

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