Request for Proposal: Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Strategy Development

Dec 01, 2021   •   Featured

Request for Proposal
Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Strategy Development


The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation (ORMF) and Greenbelt Foundation (GBF) wish to work with partners to build a modern trail strategy that will guide future planning, development, and management of the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail, including a current state assessment and robust research and consultation.

Project Goals

The project is intended to develop an exciting new vision and strategy for the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail that will engage partners in renewed involvement in stewarding the trail and realizing its potential for recreation and economic development, conservation and ecological protection, economic development, and connectivity.

This work will require a systematic review of existing needs and current state of Trail, as well as multiple components of successful contemporary trail strategies and an identification of a road map for achievement of the renewed Trail vision over the next 5 to 10 years.

Time frame

The proposal should include a projected timeline, with work starting early in 2022.


$70,000 has been allocated for this initiative.

How to Respond to this RFP

Proposals must be no longer than twelve pages long plus an appendix of unlimited length for resumes and other background material, and include the following information:

  1. A description of your organization that clearly outlines your qualifications relevant to the work.
  2. A detailed work plan in narrative form with clear sections
  3. A summary table of the work plan including budget and cash flow broken down by month and activity
  4. A list of key personnel who will be assigned to the project and resumes

Respondents may submit sole or joint bids to meet the multi-disciplinary requirements of the Scope of Work. Joint bids must identify a lead proponent who will be responsible for project delivery, and a breakdown of responsibilities by task and time.

Each question and each submission should include sufficient contact information (names, address, e-mail address, telephone number) for the ORMF to contact the respondent for further clarification, if required.

The deadline for submissions is 01/14/2022 at 01:00:00 PM ET. Questions may be asked until 12/17/2021 01:00:00 PM ET. Answers will be posted on Biddingo [under announcement #GB-2021-12) and at -  on 12/17/2021. Questions and submissions must be received via Biddingo or by email to [email protected] with the subject heading “RESPONSE TO RFP: ORM TRAIL PLANNING”. Submissions must be in pdf format. 

The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation and Greenbelt Foundation will determine the successful proposal at their sole discretion. Services may be procured by either the ORMF, the Greenbelt Foundation, or both. By submitting a proposal, bidders acknowledge that no guarantees of acceptance are offered by the Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation and Greenbelt Foundation, that no costs will be provided for development and submission of proposals, and that the Foundations may choose not to award a contract at all if no submissions are deemed suitable.

***NOTE (10 Dec. 2021): The original deadlines for submission have been extended as follows:

Published Date:             11/26/2021

Question Deadline:        12/17/2021 01:00:00 PM ET

Answers published:        01/04/2022

Closing Date:                01/14/2022 01:00:00 PM ET

Please click here to view the full RFP and its terms.