Our trip from Toronto’s Regent Park to the Greenbelt

By Central Neighbourhood House

Early in October a group of 40 adults and children made our way to Murphy’s Country Produce in Binbrook, Ontario – luckily it was PD day for kids!


After a quick snack at our centre, the school bus arrived to pick-up our excited passengers. Almost all of our participants are avid urban gardeners or have a home garden. Most of the group did not have a prior experience going into the Greenbelt, but had visited one or two apple picking farms in the past. After a bus ride we reached our destination – hooray!

Our host Megan Murphy gave a thorough tour of the farm and talked about the 3 generations of her family who lovingly spent a lot of time and energy to build it. We walked as a group to various parts of the farm and we were presented with an in-depth overview of the crops grown at this location. On the day we visited, the farm had a variety of produce available: round Indian and long Asian eggplants of the deepest purple, vibrant orange pumpkins, hot red peppers, yellow banana peppers, and long beans.

We had such a lovely day! Upon showing photos of our adventures to friends and family, they all wanted to go for a visit to Murphy’s in the future. My only request was that I tag along for the ride. If you want to see a lovely example of the Greenbelt, make plans to visit Murphy’s Country Produce.

Into the Greenbelt is a project of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, in partnership with RBC, The Stop Community Food Centre, and regional Conservation Authorities to bring new Canadians into Ontario’s Greenbelt for fun, educational day trips.

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