Park People

A project recognizing the Greenbelt's newly protected Urban River Valleys while facilitating the use, enjoyment and stewardship of these unique spaces by local residents and tourists.

Sep 26, 2018   •   Climate Resilience , Grant

Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program
Park People

$254,410 (over 3 years)

Grant Stream: Prosperous Greenbelt
Date Approved: March 20, 2018

In May 2017, 21 urban river valleys and seven coastal wetlands were added to the 2 million acre Greenbelt. The Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program supports projects that engage and connect residents with their local Greenbelt-protected river valley. The program is comprised of fifteen grants given out over three years.

By supporting local leaders and community partners in providing nature-based programming, the public will be more engaged in the health and value of their Greenbelt-protected urban river valley.

The project recognizes the Greenbelt's newly designated Urban River Valleys and facilitates the use, enjoyment and stewardship of these unique spaces by local residents, and tourists. A series of localized projects will create new destinations and ways for residents and families to connect with their river valleys – enhancing community vitality through ecological stewardship. The project also promotes the Foundation’s ‘Into the Greenbelt' program, supporting day trips among organizations which work with populations including New Canadians, youth, and senior citizens to learn more about and experience local agriculture and nature in ways they might not otherwise have access to.