Peachy keen with the Greenbelt Team


This time of year is positively ripe with peaches. Succulent, soft, aromatic peaches. But like much fruit on Ontario, the swell of succulence is only so ephemeral, with peach season lasting the short span of July to September. 

These fleeting fruit, those delicious ephemera, inspire me to can and preserve every year. I want to capture and hold close that taste deep into the winter when the snow lulls me uninspired. There are many other reasons to can as well, including environmental ones. Canning at home can reduce the kilometers your produce travels, especially during our cold Canadian winters.

Recently, I got together with two friends to embark on the journey of canning peaches. It was a delightful, engaging evening. It only takes one night, two friends, and sufficient equipment to turn a flat of rosy peaches into an elegant line of peach sliced, cozied up to one another in a light, sweet syrup.

We followed instructions similar to the ones found at, but I recommend doing some light research on canning before doing elbow-deep in a sink full of lightly blanched peaches -- knowledge is the best power so equip yourself properly!



Still hungry for peaches? Read more! 

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