Powered by Maple Syrup & Pancakes


Every week, we have a staff lunch where we share updates, talk about new projects, explain new research, and (my favorite) brainstorm ideas. It’s a great way to connect with coworkers and hear about the great work that everyone is involved in. With a small team, and a variety of projects, I think it helps us stay focused and get excited about the great things that everyone is involved in.

Yesterday, we tried something new.


With several of us pitching in to get the ingredients (thanks everyone), someone bringing in a grill (thanks Franco), naming an honorary pancake chef (thanks Shelley) the great idea (thanks Bronwyn) for a pancake lunch came to fruition.


With a team fueled by pancakes, drizzled with organic sugarbush, Bountiful Harvest maple syrup from Sunderland Ontario, we had one of the most successful (and delicious) brainstorm sessions ever. 


I highly recommend your team trying this out for your next staff lunch. 

--Carla Balabanowicz, Communications Coordinator 

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