Premier Davis honoured at Greenbelt ceremony as an environmental visionary

Toronto, May 22, 2007 − Former Ontario Premier William Davis today received the 2007 Friend of the Greenbelt Award for his outstanding work as an environmental visionary determined to protect and enhance the natural heritage and rural land in the Golden Horseshoe.


Ticat Fullback Takes a Three Point Stance on the Environment

Hamilton, May 8, 2007 − At a press conference announcing three major Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation grants to Hamilton and Burlington area environmental organizations, Tiger-Cat fullback Julian Radlein challenged the people of Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe to “do your part to help the environment... by raising your awareness of the positive role local foods and the Greenbelt play in combating climate change.”


Premier McGuinty Celebrates Earth Day with Tree Planting

Markham, April 22, 2007 – The Ontario government is helping Ontarians create a healthier environment, fight climate change and improve their communities by providing funding to plant 1.8 million trees in the Greenbelt, Premier Dalton McGuinty said today.


Greenbelt Wins "Environmental Planning" National Award

Toronto, April 24, 2007 /CNW/ – The Ontario government has won a prestigious national planning award for its Greenbelt Plan, Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Gerretsen announced today.


Niagara Farmers are Leaders in Environmental Stewardship

Toronto, March 27, 2007 – Farmers in Niagara lead all regions across the Greenbelt in undertaking environmental improvement projects which qualify for cost-sharing grants from the $1.4 million Greenbelt Farm Stewardship Program the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation has announced. The program has received over 400 applications since it was introduced eight months ago; of those, 223 are from farmers in the Niagara region or some 56%. As the farmers complete their environmental projects they will receive over $750,000 in grants from the program. The program is so popular with farmers across the Greenbelt that the $1.4 million has been allocated in just eight months, rather than over two years as was anticipated. The Foundation is now considering adding more money to the program.



"You have become great stewards of the land" EcoSource tells Mississauga students

Mississauga, March 7, 2007 - “Just by eating Greenbelt apples, you have become great stewards of the land,” Lea Ann Mallett, Executive Director of EcoSource told students from Thomas Street Middle School. “An apple from the local Greenbelt farm is fresh and delicious,” she explained. “But did you know that it also takes only a little energy to bring that apple to you? Your Greenbelt snack created much less pollution and smog getting from the farm to here, than an apple that traveled all the way from the West Coast.


Local Food Makes for Healthy Economy and a Healthier Planet

Greenbelt Foundation premier sponsor of Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention, February 21 - 22, 2007(Brock University, St. Catharines) – The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is pleased to support Canada’s foremost horticultural event with a premier sponsorship of the 2007 Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention. “This is the second year that we’ve supported this important learning and networking opportunity,” says Burkhard Mausberg, President of the Foundation. “Our continuing support helps bolster growing interest in local foods, in turn improving the livelihoods of fruit and vegetable farmers.“ With polls showing over 89% of public support for the Greenbelt‘s goal of protecting area farmland and curbing urban sprawl, the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation has awarded to-date over $4.4 million in grants to assist farmers in the Greenbelt. “On another level,” Mr. Mausberg continues, “consumers know that buying cheap fruit and vegetables from far away places directly contributes to transportation-related smog and greenhouse gases. If we are serious about fighting global warming, we need more events like this to find real answers to lessening our dependence on imported foods.” Despite Ontario consumers’ increasing interest in fresh local food, it remains difficult for farmers to get their locally-grown fruits and vegetables on store shelves and dinner tables. The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is helping organizations bridge that gap. “Promoting local agriculture is critical,” Mr. Mausberg concludes. “Greenbelt lands, and those that work that land, can provide us with most of the fresh and nutritious food we now seek in our efforts to lead healthier lifestyles.” “The future of the Greenbelt,” adds Bob Chorney, Executive Director of Farmers’ Markets Ontario, “relies on market conditions that allow our fruit and vegetable farmers to make a good living growing our food. With support from the Foundation, we are able to increase the collective knowledge, competitiveness and profitability of our Ontario fruit and vegetable growers. Funds also help get our local food message through to the purchasing public, thereby increasing our growers’ viability.” Burkhard Mausberg’s presentation “Greenbelt Links – Two Years and Counting” takes place on Wednesday, February 21 at 10:30 am at the Walker Complex of Brock University, St. Catharines. For further information, please contact: Donald Wiedman, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation tel.: (416) 960-0001, ext. 305, cell: (416) 559-3934 email:


Greenbelt Needs Vital Farming Community

Jordan Station, January 27, 2007 – "Agriculture in Ontario’s Greenbelt is an important concern,” Burkhard Mausberg, President of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation told delegates attending the first Greenbelt Public Forum focusing on how to best preserve Ontario’s most valuable farmlands. “Protecting local agricultural land is critical,” said Mr. Mausberg. “It provides fresh and nutritious food, lessens our dependence on imported foods, and reduces transportation-related pollution such as smog and greenhouse gases. At the same time, farmers need economic and market conditions that allow them to make a good living growing our food.”


Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation announces $1.4 million environmental farm practices grant

October 3, 2006 (Toronto) - The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation announces a $1.4 million grant to help farmers with their costs to improve the environmental practices on their land. This money will be used to clean up water, protect wildlife and reduce pesticides.


Canada's First Certified Farmers' Market

Greenbelt Farmers and Toronto Residents to Benefit from the First Certified Farmers’ Market in Canada

Greater Toronto, November 22, 2006  – Over one hundred and fifty Greenbelt and GTA farmers are creating Canada’s first certified farmers’ market. Currently, many farmers’ markets include non-farmers who resell produce bought at food terminals. The new certified farmers’ market will be dedicated to real farmers selling locally-grown products and exclude non-farmers reselling imports or produce bought from the Ontario Food Terminal. Toronto is the preferred location to showcase this model farmers’ market.


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