Green Infrastructure Guide for Small Cities, Towns and Rural Communities

By incorporating nature into the built environment, Green Infrastructure can improve water quality, reduce infrastructure costs, reduce the flood risk, and ensure our watersheds and communities are more resilient to climate change.

Sep 22, 2017   •   Climate Resilience , Research

The Guide can support small cities, towns and rural settlements with the integration of green infrastructure into their communities. Much of the current green infrastructure research and guidance focuses on densely populated urban centres. Smaller and rural settlements are often overlooked despite the many benefits that green infrastructure can provide in these settings.

This Guide aims to fill that gap by providing an overview of the types of green infrastructure that make the most sense for these communities and by outlining a strategic zoning approach for implementation.

While all levels of government need to be engaged for green infrastructure to reach its full potential, municipalities are at the forefront of implementation.


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The Green Infrastructure Guide for Small Cities, Towns and Rural Communities report produced in partnership with Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition.