The Greenbelt Route covers more than 475 kilometres of protected countryside, and along the way there are many places to stop and explore. As a compliment to the main route, explore this set of Regional Loops: local tourism itineraries designed for you as a cyclist to connect with some of the most colourful places in Ontario’s Greenbelt.

Ranging in length from 23 kilometres at the shortest to 59 kilometres at the longest, these Regional Loops point out a variety of attractions, from forests to beaches, and from wineries to historic towns. Whether you are planning a staycation or a day-trip, these loops will help you to discover some of the best these Greenbelt regions have to offer.

The set of maps available here also highlights a number of bike routes that seamlessly connect the Greenbelt Route to the Waterfront Trail, winding along existing trails and quiet country roads. Together, these mapped routes form a network that enables over a dozen circle routes throughout the Greenbelt.

Please note that although the Regional Loops are just off the Greenbelt Route, they are not signed, so make sure you download and print the paper maps and itineraries and bring them with you. You can find the Regional Loops indicated on Greenbelt Route trailhead signs, but these printouts are your ticket to ride. So peel off the Greenbelt Route and be your own guide.

Fruitland Ramble
Niagara Loop
Follow the Greenbelt Route out from the wineries and working farm stops around Beamsville towards the historic town of Grimsby, and enjoy the views up the Escarpment without having to make the climb.
Escarpment Expedition
Hamilton Loop
This 23 kilometre looped route is great way to explore the dramatic Niagara Escarpment in the Hamilton area, cruising along trails and making easy connections into the welcoming communities in the valley and out.
Leather Town Spin
Halton Loop
Setting out from the hamlet of Glen Williams, make sure time is put aside before or after the ride to explore the art galleries, small shops, and on-farm markets in this charming Credit River valley area.
Credit River Ride
Peel Loop
The Greenbelt Route parallels the Caledon Trailway here with a family friendly ride into the surrounding countryside. Experience the natural beauty of this area and make stops to treat your senses in at one of several local bakeries or orchards in the area.
Village Roundabout
York Loop
Enjoy the quiet small town charm and roads well traveled by cyclists in this scenic part of the Greenbelt. Experience first-hand the abundance of produce here with a stop at one of several nearby pick-your-own farms.
Scugog Country Cruise
Durham Loop
This tour starts and ends in the town of Port Perry, on the shores of Lake Scugog. With stops at country stores, working farms, and an art studio get ready to uncover a spectrum of activities in Durham.
Alderville Prairie Tour
N​orthumberland Loop
This ride will take you on a tour that highlights rural Northumberland charm, including forests and wetlands, fertile farmland, art galleries, and cottage country lakefront.


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