Rural Transitions: To Barrie and Back


Artwork by Jill Price

Interesting find on the net today - Artist Jill Price traveled from Barrie to London and back snapping photos at 90 km/hour to document the landscapes that sustain us. A fly-over in 2009 of this fast-growing area quietly revealed to her that “farming, despite its hardships and controversies is still the fabric of our society.” Even with strong public support in southern Ontario behind curbing sprawl and planning better for growth, Barrie/Simcoe County (outside the Greenbelt) is the new epicentre for what critics call a relentless and uncoordinated drive to plunk large developments on greenfields and agricultural lands . Many residents and Ontarians wonder, will these rural lands last? If not, what does the future hold?  Price’s artworks, a mash up of paint, fabric and digital imagery give us a glimpse into the future by exploring and communicating how urbanization is changing nature’s light, colours and spaces and how technology is changing how we acquire and work the landscape. 


Rural Transitions is currently on at The Art Exchange in London or view the entire show online Visit the Artist’s website at:


The artwork is terrific and timely as many citizens and groups are submitting last minute comments on a proposed amendment to the growth plan for Barrie/Simcoe. Many say the Amendment unravels the good planning directions established for the area and threatens the health of Lake Simcoe. To find out more about this issue check


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