Silver Pines Students Paint Their Future Green


Silver Pines Elementary school students make supporting green initiatives look like a walk in the park…literally.

On December 14th at one o’clock in the afternoon, the lunch bell rang and the ‘big gym’ filled with happy, excited children. Excited because they were about to be recognized for all the hard work and creativity they had expressed over the last few months. By painting murals on the walls of their school and crafting a Greenbelt quilt, the students of Pine Hills created an artistic approach to getting the word out about the greatness of the Greenbelt.

 The students from Silver Pines Elementary were presented with the first ever Young Friend of the Greenbelt Award for their for their interest and initiative.

Interestingly, this project was an inspiration from the Quilt of Possibilities created in partnership with the Greenbelt Foundation and the Ontario Crafts Council to tell personal stories about the Greenbelt through art. Kathy Laco, the Silver Pines art teacher was a contributing artist of the quilt, which sparked students' interest and they decided to create a quilt of their own.  With Laco’s help, students at the school have painted the school green – with murals depicting wildlife, forests, waterfalls, and outdoor activities – all with the message of preservation, protection and sustainability. 

 It now hangs proudly in the front foyer, as the first thing a visitor sees when walking into the school, depicting Greenbelt wildlife and forests. This effort is momentous and ongoing as the students of Silver Pines will continue to paint the school “green” as the years pass and new students come and graduates move on to the next steps in life. It is stories like this one that gives hope and inspires progress.

The students of Silver Pines Elementary are working towards making the Greenbelt Ontario’s greatest green legacy, adults should take note.

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