Smart Growth Needs Smart Transit

The Metrolinx's Regional Transportation Plan is under review. Find out what's in store for the future of transit in the GHTA.


Did you know that on average we lose 7.5 hours per week to commuting! That’s almost a whole workday.

While I am sure we could all think of better ways to spend the 7.5 hours than stuck on transit or our cars, there is more at stake than just our time.

The growth that is expected in the region over the coming decades, almost 13.5 million people in the Greater Golden Horseshoe by 2041, has the potential to threaten the natural and economic systems that are allowing us to prosper. The growth patterns of the past several decades have been characterized by car-dependent, sprawling subdivisions busting the seams of the Greater Toronto Area.

A bold solution to this problem was the creation of Ontario’s Greenbelt back in 2005. At almost 2 million acres, Ontario’s Greenbelt protects agricultural and environmentally sensitive land from urban sprawl.

The long-term protection of the Greenbelt depends on making our transit system more efficient, by helping to get people out of their cars and making transit the most convenient option.

Right now, Metrolinx and the Ministry of Transportation are currently consulting the public on the draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Many groups are concerned about the prevalence of politics and lack of evidence and transparency in decision making when it comes to implementing the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). If transit investments are made in the wrong locations, people will continue to rely on cars to get around, leading to more roads and urban sprawl. Find out more here.

This kind of inefficient growth will put undue pressure on the Greenbelt and the critical natural and hydrological systems within it.

Want to have your say? Take Metrolinx’s survey on your thoughts and input on the Draft Plan.

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