Spectacular Sponsors at the Reel Greenbelt!!

Do you want to make your voice heard? Do you have a passion for film? A passion for the environment? Do you want to turn your talent green? This is your chance! Enter a 1 minute video for the Reel Greenbelt Video Competition and tell us what the Greenbelt is worth to you!

 Participants will have an awesome chance to win a $1000.00, as well as, three other prizes from our super sponsors! The deadline is November 28 and is fast approaching so start submitting your videos NOW!



To learn more about our spectacular sponsors keep reading!

Plan B Organics



This is your opportunity to win FREE FOOD! Plan B Organics has generously donated a half season membership to one lucky winner for the 2011 season. If you’re a university student, or just someone who likes to save money – this is the way to cut back on your grocery bill!

 Established in 1997 by Rodrigo Venturelli, Alvaro Venturelli and Melanie Golba, Plan B is a 50 acre farm that grows delicious, high quality vegetables, herbs and fruits using organic farming methods that are in harmony with the environment.  Plan B is a multi-farm CSA which means that they grow and source the best certified organic produce from 12 farms in Southern Ontario so that you receive a greater variety!

Cooper’s CSA Farm and Maze



Did I mention FREE FOOD? That’s right, you have not only one but TWO opportunities to keep that grocery money in your wallet. Cooper’s CSA Farm and Maze has enthusiastically donated a Full season membership for the 2011 season!

 Cooper’s CSA has recently been certified by Local Food Plus. As an LFP farm Cooper’s has been certified as local sustainable food producer, who reduces or eliminates pesticide use, treats their animals well, conserves soil and water, protects wildlife habitat, provides safe and fair working conditions, reduces energy use, and sells locally wherever possible.

 Cooper’s is a market garden, family-owned farm producing some the best quality vegetables. There is also a lot of fun activities to do on the farm – so if you decide to pick up your share – why not stop by the 10 acre maze. Just don’t get lost….


The prize that will be donated by MEC is quite a mystery. However MEC’s mandate is not. MEC’s aim is to provide quality gear and excellent value to its customers, while minimizing their impact on the environment by building products that last.

 To support their philosophy of product sustainability MEC sources lower impact materials such as organically grown cotton, and has developed alternatives to problematic compounds like PVC. 

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