Tales from York: It's farmers' market season


Tales from York is a blog series focused on the people and places that make York's Greenbelt great. The series will cover everything from local businesses, to seasonal events, to life on York farms. Look out for our upcoming posts to stay up-to-date and informed on exciting going-ons in York's Greenbelt. 


Explore York Region's Farmers' Markets

Spring has sprung! Summer is near! The Bees are buzzing and fresh produce is here!

It's the time of year again for fresh Ontario Greenbelt produce. Visit to your local Farmers’ Market and browse the leafy greens while sipping on some cold lemonade. You can’t get more local than in York Region! Meet your neighbouring farmers from just a half hour away.

Hang out in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and snack on delicious treats. On the last Thursday of every month, come join the street party with all the vendors as Main Street shuts down for pedestrians between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Leave the kids at the art tent, and pamper yourself with some home-made all natural beauty products! Or stop by the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market in Richmond Hill to pick up some home-made jams and jelly made with berries straight from the farm. And remember, not all the markets are seasonal - the Village Organic Market at the Toronto Waldorf School is open year-round.

So come on by to the market and be a part of it all! It’s a one-stop shop for farm fresh eggs, the ripest berries, the leafiest greens and more!

Find your local market in the list below, we’ll see you there!

York Region Greenbelt Farmers’ Markets:


Did you know?!

  • In 2011, $2.65 BILLION in GDP was generated by farming in the Golden Horseshoe and the Ontario Greenbelt
  • The Greenbelt accounts for 55% of Ontario’s Agricultural land area in fruit production and 13% in vegetable production
  • 80% of the province’s acreage in peach, grape, plum and apricot production is found in the Greenbelt!



--Communications Assistant, York Region

Love buying local? Stayed tuned for the upcoming re-launch of greenbeltfresh.ca - a quick and easy way to find fresh local food for you and your family grown in Ontario's protected Greenbelt.  

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