Adding some green to Durham schools


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What do you get when you mix the natural beauty of the Greenbelt, the imagination of a local artist, and the hard work and creativity of students, staff, and teachers? Three new Greenbelt murals in Durham's public schools! 

Since 2012, The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation has partnered with artists and communities across the Golden Horseshoe to bring a little Greenbelt into public schools and outdoor spaces. 

Our latest mural partnerships have taken us into Durham schools. The students not only get to participate in the mural-creating process, they get to learn about the Greenbelt's value, and liven up their school hallways, all at the same time.

Now that the first set of murals are complete, we're excited to share the incredible results with you all. See below for pictures!

Uxbridge Public School 

Led by artist Katherine Laco, this Uxbridge mural captures the natural beauty of protected water and natural habitats. It sparked conversation about the importance of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the need to protect and preserve our waterways for generations to come. 





Cartwright Central Public School 

The Cartwright Central Public School, also designed by artist Katherine Laco, captures the Greenbelt's agricultural importance and its protected natural areas.  



Walter E. Harris Public School

Designed by artist Patty Bowman-Kingsley, the Walter E. Harris Public School mural stretches across the libraries 32-foot wall and captures all seasons of the year.






--Communications Coordinator, Durham Region


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