The Ganaraska: A Forest Reborn


The Ganaraska: A Forest Reborn

Today is June 5th, 2013 and it is World Environment Day.

We are strolling amongst thick boughs of pine and cedar, enjoying the vast and scenic landscape that is the Ganaraska forest. Southern Ontario’s largest forest is truly an impressive sight to behold.


But nearly half a century ago, that was not so. In fact, at that time, it was commonly referred to as a ‘wasteland’ due to poor agricultural practices and deforestation. The historic Ganaraska was nothing like the Ganaraska forest we know today; it was a large scar of barren sand-blown moraine then. The diligence and perseverance of concerned community members brought the forest’s potential to the attention of local politicians, leading to the formation of theGanaraska Region Conservation Authority and to the forest’s eventual large-scale reforestation.

Today, the Ganaraska forest consists of 20 million trees over 11,000 acres.

3.pngSo as we traipse through this forest, we are also traipsing through a monument of history. And it is essential that we continue to protect natural areas like this forest because these fertile green spaces continue to be of benefit to both present and future generations. The Ganaraska forest, like many other forests, keeps soil healthy and moist, supporting life to a plethora of plants and animals; it filters our air and cleans our water; and is a site of learning for many young inquisitive minds with the Ganaraska Forest Centre.

To mark the contributions of the Ganaraska forest to Ontario’s Greenbelt and beyond, today we unveiled a new interpretive sign that highlights the forest’s remarkable history and its environmental impacts. Today is World Environment Day and we are happy to celebrate the environmental successes of today, of yesterday, and of tomorrow!


For more information, please read our news release.

 - Chimaya Charles, Communications Assistant & Jenny Chan, Communications Assistant


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