The rural-urban divide is no longer


Well, maybe that’s going a bit over the top.

But it can’t be long now with Fresh City Farms on the scene. This new fresh veg delivery service is bringing all the right elements together:


  •  Organic food grown in Toronto urban farms and backyards
  •  Organic food grown in the Greenbelt
  •  Young entrepreneurs with a solid mission statement
  •  A for profit, socially conscious model called a ‘social enterprise’ 
  •  A gorgeous website that is informative, cleanly designed and clever

They have a 3 week special on right now so I thought I’d try it out. I wasn’t disappointed. I arrived home to find bushels of local arugula, green onions, beets, gooseberries and cherries bursting out of a pretty upcycled wine box.


Every week is different, which suits my changing tastes just fine. The lesser known products are accompanied with an easy recipe to get you going, such as Kohlrabi and Kale salad and Hot and Sour Rhubarb Stir Fry. When I get home tonight, I’ll be making the Shaved Fennel Salad, which you can find below.



This is my first attempt at food photography, be nice. 

I am particularly excited about their eggs. I love poached eggs. It’s a bit of a problem, really. But I can’t stand the flavourless, oddly textured eggs from big factory farms, so I am on a perpetual egg hunt for decently priced, chicken-friendly, GOOD eggs. The prospect of having these beauts delivered right to my doorstep, preventing egg smash mishaps on my bicycle ride home, is enough for me to jump on board.


A favourite light summer dinner: a Fresh City Farms poached egg and spicy arugula atop buttered Dimpflmeier toast, with a side of home delivered cherries. The grapefruit is my only non-local omission.

There’s another unique way to support Fresh City Farms: by lending them your big piece of yard. It'll be turned it into a veritable micro-farm! Heck, there's no better way to contribute to your community than by supporting young farmers and healthy soil and water. A real feel-good decision.

Are you a Fresh City Farms or other local food box customer? Send in your photos and recipes and we'll post them on the website.

- Emma Berrigan, Communications Assistant


From their weekly newsletter -- again, very pretty.

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