TIFF Director Michael McGowan (Score: A Hockey Musical) - Judge for the Reel Greenbelt


Score: A Hockey Musical Photo from Mongrel Media Website  

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and took some amazing footage either in the greenbelt or about the greenbelt. If you weren’t able to take some footage this weekend, don’t worry, those of your participating in the Tour de Greenbelt Niagara weekend will have a great opportunity to shoot and share. 

 On another topic -singing hockey players, harmonies on ice… don’t worry you heard right. Director Michael McGowan – an accomplished producer, writer, and lyricist - will be opening the Toronto International Film Festival tonight with his film, Score: A Hockey Musical.

 The film tells the story of a boy wonder (Farley) who goes from obscurity to overnight fame. He’s led a sheltered life, homeschooled by parents whose idea of homework is trips to an art gallery or ashram. When Farley is signed to a major hockey league, he achieves instant stardom, but soon finds that fame comes with a price. Throw in a changing relationship with the girl next-door/his best friend and Farley is losing his way.

 We are excited to have Mr. McGowan as a judge for the Reel Greenbelt competition. He provides an experienced eye from the film industry and, clear from his most recent film, a light-hearted sense of humour. For those of you worried that your PSA won’t be “enough”…polished enough, interesting enough,  or just good plain enough – McGowan in an interview with CTV news provides some useful advice “As a filmmaker you don’t know what the life of your film is going to be, you can’t predict it…” So fellow environmentalists, film-makers, both or none of the above - don’t be afraid and submit away. Who knows where the PSA may take you. Perhaps you’ll end up opening an International Film Festival?



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