How to plan your first trip on the new Greenbelt Route


It’s shaping up to be a spectacular summer for Greenbelt cycling!

I am super excited to say that the Greenbelt Route is finally here. Directional signs are being installed along roads and trails as I type, and people are getting pumped for the inaugural 6-day ride this August: the 2015 Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, Greenbelt Route Special Edition.

 So in anticipation of the adventures to be had, I've put together a few tips to help you plan your next bicycling adventure:


At 475 kilometres in length, the Greenbelt Route covers a lot of ground.
I suggest browsing the more than 1000 points of interest on the interactive Greenbelt Route web map before you set off.





Many of the attractions are also indicated on the downloadable Greenbelt Route paper maps. Just download the PDFs, print them off, and jot down some travel notes to get started! For example, Kelly, Felix, and I scoped out a blueberry farm along along the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail before pulling in to the Ancaster Mill for our 6pm dinner reservation.    






I also suggest printing the maps for the area you’re looking to explore, and then going back to the online map to get any additional information you need for your specific itinerary. Remember, the paper maps and the online map are tools that are most powerful when used together. Keep in mind that you can check the web map from your phone at any time during your trip.

So check out the Greenbelt Route website and have your bike tuned up.  It’s time for your own tour de Greenbelt to begin! 


--Communications Coordinator   


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