Tour de Greenbelt - 100km in Uxbridge!


After blogging my little heart out about the Tour de Greenbelt, and throwing 4 Greenbelt Harvest Rides at CYKL to pump up the Tour, it’s all over!!! Just like that!

CYKLfemmes, plus my boyfriend Phill, drove out to Uxbridge and rode the 100km route of the Tour de Greenbelt yesterday. For us, it was a great way to close-out a season of awesome riding!

We knew that the course, although described as “mostly flat”, was going to be FULL of hills, so we decided early on that “meandering” through the rest stops and local producers wasn’t an option for us if we were going to make it back in time for the BBQ!!! So, we didn’t have any butter tarts, apple dumplings or go through the corn maze…instead we had a 100km workout which is my idea of fun anyways!

The 100km course consisted of beautifully paved roads that you could bomb down and curse up (and you did go up! many hills topped out at 14%. Yarg!!). Very few roads had patch-work, potholes, or tar snakes. This is impressive, especially in the country where you often get a lot of bad, un-kept side roads. And the scenery, of course, was amazing! The fall colours, blue sky (mixed with crazy black clouds), rolling country hills, farms, horses, ahhhhh I love cycling in the country!

The pit stops on the 100km were pretty basic, and very spread out, but in reality the ride was really for the true “meander'ers”, those that rode the 45km route, which is understandable. I just wish I knew how many kilometers it would be to the next pitstop, so I knew when I had to fill up my water bottle.

Anywho, we all had a great ride out in Uxbridge! The food after the ride was delicious!! Organic beef burgers, local corn, and homemade cookies just hit the spot!

Thank you to Peter Hart, the organizer, and the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation for putting on a fantastic Tour de Greenbelt 2010! 

See you next year!

Jen Fawcette

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