Touring the Greenbelt for the Tour de Greenbelt


It was a short week last week, even shorter for me as I headed out into the Greenbelt on Friday to Henry of Pelham – the first stop on this year’s Tour de Greenbelt.

We’ve been shooting a short promotional piece about the Tour (stay tuned!) and we were going to be interviewing Tour Director, Peter Hart. We were also going to be shooting people biking in the Greenbelt, which was why I had my bike along in the back of the Foundation’s Prius.

As with every time I’ve been out in the Greenbelt I was struck by how amazing it was to be out of the big city, where everything was lush and green and the frenetic pace of everyday life just seemed to slow down. I was completely relaxed by the time we finished the shoot.

To make the most of my time in the Greenbelt I was also going to visit the cool folks at the Bruce Trail Conservancy who (along with their many volunteers and volunteer clubs) maintain the Bruce Trail from Niagara to Tobermory.

On my way there though, I stopped in to see Jordan Village – a picturesque little town not far from Henry of Pelham (about 10km away – thank you Google Maps!) and also a stop on this year’s Tour. As a knitter and spinner I was thrilled to pass by two shops that cater to my hobby: The Fibre Garden (hand-dyed roving for spinning and beautiful handspun yarns) and Stitch (a knitters, quilters and stitchers haven). I can’t wait to do the Tour this September so that I can take the time to pop in for a proper look at all they have to offer, as well as check out the rest of Jordan Village.



The Tour de Greenbelt is now one month away! We’ll be introducing a guest blogger, Jen, in the next day or so who will be writing for us about all things cycling and getting us all excited about the Tour, and we’ll also be having a contest to win a prize pack for the Tour, including registration and a BIKE for the lucky winner! Keep watching our Facebook profile and Twitter feeds for more details.

Click on the gallery below to see some pics from Friday’s visit to Henry of Pelham and Jordan Village and check out to learn more about the Tour and register!

-- Allison Decker

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