Turning the Page to Possibilities with New Greenbelt Book

There’s so much to celebrate in Ontario’s Greenbelt! It’s the largest in the world and the Globe and Mail recently called it a “model for the world,” not just for its size but for leadership in policy and protection. It filters our water, provides fresh air and grows wholesome food, and since its inception it has provided over $10 billion worth of eco-services to Ontarians. 

All of this great news has allowed us to grow more confident in this landscape and the people and work that come from it – and we aren’t the only ones. Recent polling numbers show public opinion at an all time high with 93% support for the Greenbelt. In addition, 91% believe the Greenbelt is one of the most important contributions of our generation to the future of Ontario.

In the spirit of celebrating this success we have created the “Greenbelt Book,” a dynamic 16-page publication showcasing Ontario’s Greenbelt through vivid imagery and vibrant language. Our protected countryside is vital to all Ontarians, and this publication reflects on its significance and successes while imagining the possibilities it creates for us.

To view the “Greenbelt Book” visit HERE for a pdf.

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