Rivers for Resilience: Ontario Greenbelt Urban River Valleys

Photo by Michael Manett

Running through southern Ontario and into Lake Ontario are 21 urban river valleys, protected by the Ontario Greenbelt in 2017. River valleys connect the suburban and rural lands of the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario, providing our communities with greenspaces to explore, clean water and air, reduced flood risks, critical habitat for wildlife, and much more!

Protecting the urban river valleys is the first step to ensuring that these systems remain healthy for generations to come. We are working with organizations like Park People, municipalities, and community groups across the Greenbelt to enhance the long-term health of the urban river valleys and Ontario's Greenbelt.

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Stewardship and community groups across southern Ontario are working to protect and enhance the urban river valley as well the natural areas that surrounds them. From restoration and conservation to farming and public engagement, organizations, residents, and volunteers are connecting us to nature.

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Urban river valleys are exciting greenspaces to explore! Whether on foot, bike, or canoe/kayak, there are so many ways to discover the trails and nature along these waterways.
More access points will be added over time.

How can you start? Use the map below to find an access to a valley near you.

Created in partnership with Park People, Rivers for Resilience and the three videos profile the 21 Greenbelt-protected urban river valleys that cover the Greater Golden Horseshoe, the stewards who protect and enhance them, and the many ways they provide important greenspaces and a wide range of health, economic, and environmental benefits to its growing communities.