VQA Wine in My House is Sometimes Called "Mommy Juice"


On Wednesday, September 18, a group of us drove out to the 30th Annual Grape Growers of Ontario celebrity luncheon, an event we have supported since 2006. This year’s luncheon featuredbest known for his hit TV shows on home do-it-yourself such as House of Bryan and Disaster DIY.

I gave a short speech about our support for the Grape Growers of Ontario, the viticulture industry in the Greenbelt, and VQA wines. In my speech I mentioned that when my 4-year-old daughter heard where I was going, she smiled and said “Oh, that’s where they serve the mommy juice!”


It’s true: I am a big fan of VQA "mommy juice," and that is what we call it in our house! But I wasn’t completely sure how the audience might react. Well, I got quite a number of chuckles, and it turns out that "mommy juice" makes a lot of sense to a lot of us. As a responsible mommy and consumer of VQA wines I am committed to making sure my children know they are made locally, and that they are not for the kids until they are quite a bit older.


-- Susan Murray

Vice President, Communications & Operations

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