We're opening two new offices


It’s an exciting time at the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation: we’re opening two new regional offices! On the heels of our Niagara office opening in October, we’re now set to open two more - one in Durham and one in York. 

Like other Greenbelt Regions, Durham and York both have their own unique personalities. We want to get to know them better, so we're opening up shop and moving on in. 

Durham, home to 30 percent of all agricultural land in the Golden Horseshoe, is a Greenbelt leader in the dairy, cattle, and tree nursery sectors. The local economy of the Greenbelt in Durham produces more than 29,400 full-time jobs and an annual average of $3.9 billion yearly in economic activity.

As home to 40% of the Holland Marsh (the other 60% lies in the Simcoe Region), York hosts some of the Greenbelt’s, and indeed the province’s, most productive farmland. The Holland Marsh, one of only two specialty crop areas in the province (the other is the Niagara Tender Fruit and Grape Area) accounts for 15 percent of Ontario’s annual vegetable production. Fact: enough carrots are grown in the Holland Marsh to provide every man, woman, and child in Canada with four pounds each year. 

Both regions are also home to rich and diverse natural landscapes. The York Region has a bit of everything - from river valleys, to the shorelines of Lake Simcoe to the trails and hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Durham (also home to the Oak Ridges Moraine) contains another natural wonder, the Ganaraska Forest - among the largest continuous forest covers in North America.

Over the past 10 years the Greenbelt Foundation has made significant investments in Durham and in York, whether for new farmers' markets, new hiking trails, or to help farmers with environmental improvements in their fields. We've learnt a lot, but we know there's much more to learn and much more work to be done.  We also know that both regions have their own unique assets and their own unique challenges. By opening dedicated regionals offices in both Durham and York we'll have our ears even closer to the ground. 

It’s still early days at both offices – but you’ll be hearing much more from the regional teams in the weeks and months to come!

Read on to find out more about our new Regional Directors.   




Sarah Petrevan is the Greenbelt Foundation's Durham Region Director and Director of Public Affairs. She joined the Foundation in September 2012, after more than eight years working in various levels of government and as a consultant. A proud Durham resident, Sarah can be found attending activities across the region. 




Lorenzo Catuzza is the Greenbelt Foundation's York Region Director.  He’s lived in York Region for more than thirty years. In the last decade he has worked on a number of significant provincial policy initiatives and community building projects throughout York Region. In his spare time, he’s an avid photographer capturing both urban life and natural landscapes. 




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