What is important for kids to know about the Greenbelt?

It helps us a lot (grade 2 student)


So they know all about where animals live (grade 2 student)


So they know who’s taking care of wildlife, green space, farms and water  (grade 2 student)

That they protect the land and someone cares about us because we live in the enviroment and it would be hard to live and stay healthy without the Greenbelt. (grade 5 student)

Kids should know about the Greenbelt becaues they should know how importatn the trees are and what they do for us. (grade 5 student)


The Greenbelt is important to us today and in the future. (grade 5 student)


These are excerpts from a survey completed by students of Silver Pines Elementry School in Richmond Hill who will be receiving the Young Friends of the Greenbelt Award tomorrow for filling their school with Greenbelt inspired artwork.

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