Ontario Greenbelt Environics Polling 2013


 Ontario Greenbelt Polling 2013 – 2.2 MB

After nine years, support for Ontario's Greenbelt remains strong. Ontarians want to see more land included in the land protection policy according to a recent poll conducted by Environics Research Group.

According to the survey, three-quarters of Ontarians (74%) feel it is very important to continue to grow Ontario’s Greenbelt. Polling results align with Mississauga, Oakville, and Toronto taking the necessary steps to grow the Greenbelt. These cities have begun work to include areas along Fourteen Mile Creek, Credit River and Etobicoke Creek river valleys, and the Don, Humber and Etobicoke Creeks as part of Ontario’s Greenbelt. This is in addition to the recent inclusion of Glenorchy Conservation Area to Greenbelt protected land.

"Growing the Greenbelt ranks up there with developing public transit and increasing access to local food," says Burkhard Mausberg, CEO of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. “This overwhelming response is a most encouraging sign. 

Support for the Greenbelt is at an all time high with 93% of Ontarians supporting the 1.8 million acres of protected land. 

"Knowing that we are going into the review of Ontario's Greenbelt Plan in 2015, we are delighted that the Greenbelt remains an important contribution to the quality of life in Ontario," said Mausberg.

Other findings of note: nearly all respondents (99%) said protecting the natural water system is an important benefit of the Greenbelt and 97% said preserving agricultural lands and green spaces that support clean air are important benefits to them. 


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