Wellington Water Watchers


Follow-up to an Inspired Conversation
Wellington Water Watchers
$10,000  (1 year)

Wellington Water Watchers will write and distribute a follow-up report to their successful panel event which featured local experts discussing the need for greater water and farmland protection in Wellington County.




Langford Conservancy


Community Organizing to Grow the Greenbelt
Langford Conservancy
$25,000  (10 months)

The project mobilizes a network of community organizations in Brant County to support Greenbelt expansion, including the addition of lands adjacent to the provincial study area. Langford Conservancy and Sustainable Brant will collaborate with local Six Nations, residents’ associations, farmers and others to build strong public support. Groups are motivated by increasing development pressures in the County, the recent purchase of farmland by land speculators and expected urban boundary expansion by the City of Brantford. The groups will prepare evidence for the province to consider expansion for additional lands in the Grant River Watershed; launch a postcard and social media campaign, with videos and online letter to the government; develop a map of lands recommended for expansion; and host community forms to learn more about the Greenbelt and facilitate participation at the provincial open house scheduled for the area. The groups will also make formal submissions through the Environmental Bill of Rights.




National Farmers Union (Ontario)


Fast Mobilization of farmers and allies
National Farmers Union - Ontario 
$25,000  (10 months)

The National Farmers Union (NFU-O) will engage farm members and allies in Provincial consultations to grow the Greenbelt to protect important water systems. The NFU-O has a membership of 1,500 farm families, 500 in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The organization will engage its Local member organizations and encourage participation in the consultations through their AGMs, the upcoming provincial convention and individual support. The NFU-O will also work with community groups in Brant County to expand on the province’s study area in that location.




Ontario Farmland Trust


Farmland Protecting through Greenbelt Expansion 
Ontario Farmland Trust
$8,050  (3 months)


The project enables Ontario Farmland Trust (OTF) to develop a technical submission for the Greenbelt expansion consultations that links water systems to the long-term health and viability of agriculture in the Outer Ring. A clearer picture of this relationship, along with potential stressors, will be used to engage farmers in discussions on Greenbelt expansion and enable OTF to work with experts to develop policy recommendations for their submission, including the addition of lands beyond the study areas. Funding will also provide OTF with the capacity to actively support Greenbelt expansion by attending and speaking at community meetings, directly engaging farmers and farm associations, attending the provincial Open Houses, and meeting with the government.




Alternatives Journal


Engaging stakeholders to expand the Greenbelt into the Waterloo Region and Guelph/Wellington
$16,750 (3 months)

The project engages community members in the Waterloo-Guelph area to participate in the provincial consultations considering expansion of the Greenbelt. Three events, spread through Kitchener, uptown Waterloo and Guelph, will bring together experts and students from the local universities, Tech sector, farm communities, and members of the public to hear from a panel of experts, enjoy local food and be entertained through art and music. Alternatives Journal will partner with four local organizations to host the events, promote attendance at the provincial Open Houses in Guelph and Kitchener, and ultimately encourage submissions on growing the Greenbelt, through the Environmental Bill of Rights. Project partners include Waterloo Region Environment Network, Sustainable Waterloo Region, 10 Carden Street, and Hillside Festival. The partners have a combined membership/outreach list of 10,000 people and a similar social media reach.


EcoSpark (Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership)


Grow the Greenbelt to Protect our Water
EcoSpark (Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership)
$37,930  (1 year)

The Partnership (EcoSpark, Ontario Nature, STORM) will actively engage in recently announced Provincial consultations to grow the Greenbelt and protect important water systems. The Partnership will continue to play a key role in advancing the ‘bluebelt’ campaign by providing technical support to community groups, engaging the public and other stakeholders to attend Open Houses; and comment through the Environmental Bill of Rights. Additionally, the Partnership will continue to participate in provincial efforts on two related issues - providing input on natural heritage and agricultural system mapping in the Growth Plan area; and, finalizing new watershed planning guidelines.




Ecological Farmer Association of Ontario


Engaging stakeholders in the ecological/organic agriculture sector in Greenbelt Expansion Consultations
Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario
$8,080 (three months)

The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO), in partnership with the Organic Council of Ontario (OCO), will engage the ecological/organic farming community in the provincial consultations to expand the Greenbelt and protect water systems. Together the organizations have a combined membership of 1,280 farmers across Ontario and 500 in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The partners will support and facilitate understanding of the issues among farmers and facilitate their attendance at Open Houses; and, individual submissions.






Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network 2017
$30,000  (1 year)

This project continues to support the Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network to expand, innovate, and provide professional development to market managers.




Toronto Environmental Alliance


Celebrating the “Greenbelting” of Toronto’s Urban River Valleys

Toronto Environmental Alliance
$10,500  (1 year)

This project celebrates the extension of the Greenbelt into three Toronto urban river valleys with three community events and tour guides.




The Stop Community Food Centre


World Crop Learning Gardens 2017
The Stop Community Food Centre
$5,000  (1 year)

This grant will help to purchase and grow seedlings for 20 community gardens showcasing world crops.




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