A Christmas Tree Tradition


Growing up in the Greenbelt was especially fun during the holiday season! Every year my family would drive out to a local tree farm and hike around to find the best tree we could. However, because our hard hearts had been softened by all of the Christmas cheer, we came home annually with a tree that looked less like the one in Clark Griswold'sliving room and more like the sad little tree (but the one most in need of love and warmth) from A Charlie Brown Christmas.


...Of course, whether you want a Charlie Brown tree, or one like the Griswold's, the Greenbelt is the place to go!

Getting your tree out in the Greenbelt is not only the most environmentally-freindly solution, there is nothing that will get you into the holiday spirit more than walking into a house with a freshly cut tree and getting a whiff of the fragrant pine needles. 

Of course there are more than just pine trees to choose from in the Greenbelt! Check out the diverse species of trees that you can bring home in Ontario.

Niagaragreenbelt.com has some great listing for Niagara-area tree farms, you could also explore other areas of our Greenbelt at Drysdale Tree Farms or Hockley Valley Tree Farms .

So, If you're still looking for that perfect tree, why not start a new family tradition in the Greenbelt!


Carla Balabanowicz

Communications Specialist & Community Manager

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