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The Foundation invests in enhancing understanding of the Greenbelt’s invaluable natural and economic systems. We collaborate with experts, and undertake and fund research and analysis that helps ensure the long term health and prosperity of the Greenbelt, with a particular focus on the Greenbelt’s agricultural system, natural heritage system, rural economies, and the implementation of the Greenbelt Plan itself.

Request for Proposals

Value of Nature for Recreation in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

In 2012, the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial governments collaborated to undertake a survey measuring Canadians’ awareness, participation, and investments in nature-based activities. The results of the Canadian Nature Survey demonstrate the significant contribution nature makes to the lives of Canadians and the Canadian economy. The results have since been widely used in other studies and to inform environmental managers, decision-makers, and others in understanding how society benefits from nature.[1]

The Greenbelt Foundation requires a research and consultation firm to undertake a similar survey in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) region in Southern Ontario that will provide information about how much time people are spending in nature, the kinds of activities they engage in, how much money they are spending on nature-based activities, and how they value nature experiences.

Click here for the full RFP, including project scope, deadlines, and requirements. Proposals must be received by email no later than April 6th, 2021.

[1] Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Governments of Canada. 2014. 2012 Canadian Nature Survey: Awareness, participation, and expenditures in nature-based recreation, conservation, and subsistence activities.

Large Parks Planning in the Greater Golden Horseshoe: A Needs and Opportunity Analysis

As communities grow it is critical that sufficient lands be set aside for establishing new or expanded parks for the overall well-being of community residents. There are several mechanisms through which publicly accessible natural lands/parks are created, including through municipal parkland dedications, federal and provincial park establishments, and easements for trails and land trusts. 

This project supports the provincial priority of increasing the number of people getting into nature. It will identify approaches or models for a more regional approach to planning for parks at different scales and for different uses. Findings will be widely shared with governments and other stakeholders.

Project activities will include:

  • Identifying areas of need and opportunity for large park (>50 hectares) creation / dedication in the GGH to meet the needs of an increasing population.
  • Reviewing the state of provincial and municipal greenspace, and parkland creation policies and programs.
  • Making recommendations of how large parks and other greenspace can be enhanced in the short and long term through planning, policies, and funding mechanisms.

The results of this project will be used with provincial and municipal partners to inform long-term planning for large parks in the region, and by the Greenbelt Foundation to inform our future grant making. For example, does the GGH need a regional parks strategy?

Click here for the full RFP, including project scope, deadlines, and requirements. Proposals must be received by email no later than April 21st, 2021.

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