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The Foundation invests in enhancing understanding of the Greenbelt’s invaluable natural and economic systems. We collaborate with experts, and undertake and fund research and analysis that helps ensure the long term health and prosperity of the Greenbelt, with a particular focus on the Greenbelt’s agricultural system, natural heritage system, rural economies, and the implementation of the Greenbelt Plan itself.

Request for Proposals: Program Review of Natural Asset Inventories Used to Support Municipal Natural Asset Management in Canada and Ontario

Request for Proposals – Program Review of Natural Asset Inventories Used to Support Municipal Natural Asset Management in Canada and Ontario


Over the past 5 years the Greenbelt Foundation has shared a common goal and supported leading organizations and experts in Canada to support natural asset management (NAM) by local governments. Municipal natural assets refer to the stock of natural resources or ecosystems that a municipality, regional district, or other form of local government could rely upon or manage for the sustainable provision of one or more local government services and climate resilience.

The goal of this exercise is to conduct a program review of the methodology, tools and resources developed by MNAI that provide guidance to municipalities in completing natural asset inventories, and that were used in the Municipal Natural Asset Acceleration Project. The program review will 1) assess the effectiveness of the MNAI approach to guide creation and use of natural asset inventories 2) identify potential areas of improvement, and 3) inform the emergence of national norms and standards for municipal natural asset inventories.  

The program review will be conducted with the municipal participants in the municipal Natural Asset Acceleration Project.

Vendor Requirements

The Greenbelt Foundation is seeking expertise in conducting a program review of MNAI’s current approach to natural asset inventories. The chosen supplier will have: 

  • Extensive experience and demonstrated success in conducting program review processes.
  • Extensive experience and success in designing program review processes to capture pertinent insights from stakeholders and enable proper analysis.
  • Knowledge of municipal governance and asset management processes.

Scope of Project                        

  1. The review will consider 30 Natural Asset inventories recently completed by the MNAI team.
  2. Evaluate how natural asset inventories can support awareness and understanding of the value of municipal services provided by natural assets.
  3. Evaluate how natural asset inventories are, or may be, integrated into municipal asset management and financial planning and decision-making and consider whether municipalities across different provinces have the same experience with the MNAI approach.
  4. Assess participants’ views on whether the inventory project or approach supports improvements to:
    • Municipal decision making
    • Environmental and climate outcomes
    • Municipal finances
    • Public service delivery
  5. Provide insights into understanding the need, benefits and key elements of developing norms and standards to guide NAM in municipalities. 

Activities and Deliverables

  • Review of project materials and interview with MNAI and Greenbelt Foundation.
  • Draft survey and interview design for review by Greenbelt Foundation and MNAI
  • Survey and interview municipal participants in the Municipal Natural Asset Acceleration Project to further assess the efficacy of the MNAI approach and potential results on service delivery
  • Applicant can advise on other aspects of program review based on experience.
  • Draft findings and recommendations for review by project partners.
  • Finalize findings and recommendations for MNAI, Greenbelt Foundation and participating municipalities.

Project Timeline

The project will complete no later than December 10, 2021.

Project Budget

Proposals are anticipated with an approximate budget of $20,000.

Proposal Requirements

Interested parties should submit proposals including the following information:

  • Understanding of the project scope and requirements.
  • Description of the candidate’s or team’s strengths and experience, relevant to this project.
  • Description of proposed approach to organizing and managing activities. Proponents may suggest changes to the approach outlined in this RFP based on experience if they believe better outcomes will be achieved.
  • Identification of software platform, if any, that may be used to conduct the program review.
  • Roles and hours of each team member (if more than one).
  • Project timeline.
  • Proposed budget.
  • Bio(s) and CV(s).
  • Three relevant references.

Any questions and completed proposals should be directed to:

Thomas Bowers
Interim Director Research and Policy
Greenbelt Foundation
[email protected]

Proposals must be received by email no later than 5pm Friday, October 8, 2021.

It is recommended that proponents request a confirmation of receipt email.

Please click here to view the full RFP and its terms.




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