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We protect and enchance Ontario's Greenbelt through education, research, grantmaking, and partnerships.

The Greenbelt Foundation stewards Ontario's Greenbelttwo million acres of protected land that provides clean air, fresh water, climate resilience, and a reliable local food source to help Ontario thrive.

We are the only charitable organization solely dedicated to the health and prosperity of Ontario's Greenbelt. We do this through research, grant making, partnerships, and education.

The Foundation’s stewardship and investment ensures the Greenbelt achieves its potential in delivering a great quality of life for Ontarians.


We are committed to enhancing understanding of the Greenbelt’s invaluable natural and economic systems. We collaborate with experts, and undertake and fund research and analysis that helps ensure the long-term health and prosperity of the Greenbelt.

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Our grant program is designed to harness the expertise and support the ideas and efforts of the public, Indigenous communities, farm organizations and a great diversity of stakeholders to realize the potential of the Greenbelt. This includes projects that increase the environmental and economic returns from the Greenbelt, enhance the health of the Greenbelt's natural systems, support farmers and fosters a thriving rural economy. Our work also supports the work of municipalities in their work contributing to these funding areas and in building livable and sustainable communities throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

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The Greenbelt’s geography and benefits are connected to a very diverse range of sectors from environment, to agriculture, to economy, to infrastructure, to culture, and recreation and tourism. All stakeholders involved are integral to the Greenbelt’s success, and we prioritize engaging them in all the Foundation’s work to achieve it.


Through public awareness and stakeholder engagement, we leverage the work of the organization to increase understanding of the Greenbelt and its many benefits to Ontarians.

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