• Ready to do your part for Earth Month? Pick up 5 pieces of litter and challenge 5 others to do the same. Unmanaged litter can often find its way into our waterways, affecting both wildlife and local ecosystems.

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  • For this instalment in our In a Changing Climate series, we speak with Robert McLeman of Rink Watch and Wilfrid Laurier University to explore how our changing climate is impacting outdoor hockey, and what we can do about it.

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  • Protect our food and water.
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    The Greenbelt benefits all of us. It protects fresh water, food, and keeps our economy moving.

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2 Million acres of possibilities.
April 16, 2019 - On April 16, equipped with garbage bags, gloves, and other thing-a-ma-bobs, we set out to reduce litter in Ontario; one green acre at a time. Litter...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 20 March 2019 CLIMATE CHANGE WILL REDUCE ONTARIO’S OUTDOOR SKATING SEASON “Outdoor Hockey in a Changing Climate” discusses how unpredictable weather could make rink-making a thing of...
The Greenbelt Foundation is launching a new series exploring how our daily lives are impacted by the changing climate, the role of the Greenbelt in helping us to adapt, and...
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