• For this instalment in the series, Antonia Guidotti, Mary Burridge and Mark Peck of the Royal Ontario Museum explore how a changing climate is impacting biodiversity, and what we can do about it.

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  • Green Infrastructure incorporates natural systems and functions into our built environment to mitigate the negative impacts that development has on water management, natural heritage, and agricultural systems in our communities.

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  • Protect our food and water.
    Support our Greenbelt.

    The Greenbelt benefits all of us. It protects fresh water, food, and keeps our economy moving.

    Help us keep it that way.

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2 Million acres of possibilities.
Are you passionate about engaging the public on environmental issues? Do you have the social media savvy to make an impact at an organizational level? Ready to make a difference...
What do you do when your canoe tips at the beginning of a 10 km journey? Carry on and support the Don! On Sunday May 5, 2019, the Greenbelt team...
With the myriad of ecological problems facing us in 2019 – extreme weather, depleted soils, habitat loss – litter may seem like a minor issue. So why is Friends of...
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