A Holland Marsh Family Affair


If you are a parent of a teenager, are a teenager or have met a teenager – you know they aren’t necessarily the most willing to lend a hand. John Hambly and his family however, have been working together for four generations to run a big family operation (teenagers included) in the Holland Marsh area of the Greenbelt.  Currently Gwillimdale Farms Ltd<http://www.greenbeltfresh.ca/search-results-profile/476grows carrots, yellow and red onions, potatoes, celery, beets, parsnips, and raise 35 Black Angus cattle.

The farm is run by Hambly, his wife Christina and father (otherwise known as Poppa, according to his 13 year old grandson), and has been certified local and sustainable by Local Food Plus <http://www.localfoodplus.ca>  (LFP).  Not only does the Hambly family grow the food, but they also wash, cut and package, and ship their produce making it easy for bulk buyers and people like me, looking to limit their time in the kitchen.

  -- Kathy Macpherson

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