Appreciating the Greenbelt's Eco-services! Fresh Clean Water


The Ontario Greenbelt protects many watersheds across the province allowing us to have fresh, clean, and safe water for our families to drink. In Southern Ontario, we have come to expect that we can drink and use the water that comes from our kitchen tap.

Much of this comfort is found because we are surrounded by beautiful trees, clean earth and protected areas that filter our water and rid them of what could be harmful. Simply put, we need our Greenbelt to have safe drinking water. When you think about how the Greenbelt surrounds our cities, towns, and villages - it just makes sense.

According to a recent poll, water is at the top of the list when it comes to what environmental idea Ontarians are most interested and concerned about. Considering water makes up over 90% of the human body, we think Ontario is on the right track. 

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Check out some of the Greenbelt's Watersheds:


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