Celebrating 11 years of Greenbelt...in Haiku


The Greenbelt turns 11 on February 28, 2016!

To celebrate we're sharing Haikus all about what makes the Greenbelt great.

Submit your own to join the fun! 

To say "Thank you" and help you celebrate 11 year of the Greenbelt, we'll send you a free Greenbelt T-shirt for your efforts!

Join the fun on our Facebook Haiku Portal!

Don't have Facebook? Click here to submit your Haiku on Greenbelt.ca.


What's a Haiku?

Based on the Japanese model, an English Haiku, at its most basic, is a three-line poem that follows a very distinct syllable patter; line one has 5 syllables, line 2 has 7 syllables and line three has 5 syllables.

Haikus are often used to evoke fleeting moments or observations about our natural world. They generally don't rhyme and use little punctuation.

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