Ontario Streams: River Valley Restoration Projects

Ontario Streams is engaging residents and community members in Richmond Hill, Markham and Brampton to take part in stream restoration and stewardship initiatives.

Feb 06, 2020   •   Natural Systems , Grant

Connecting Communities and Creating Resilient River Valleys in the Greater Toronto Area
Ontario Streams

$25,000 (over 6 months)
Grant Stream: Prosperous Greenbelt
Grant Approved: June 24, 2019

Ontario Streams is engaging over 380 volunteers in hands-on riparian restoration and stewardship activities at key sites within Richmond Hill, Markham, and Brampton (along Lynde Creek, as well as the Don, Humber, and Rouge rivers). The volunteers will engage in removing stream debris, performing native tree and shrub plantings, and support the installation of natural erosion control structures. These initiatives will promote awareness and increase the resilience of our urban river valleys, particularly as extreme weather events challenge our flood-mitigation efforts. The project will deepen the participants’ understanding of aquatic health indicators, the structure of GTA watersheds, and the broader Greenbelt ecosystem. Volunteers will gain the knowledge and skills required to take action and improve the health and ecological-functioning of local urban river valleys. Through a series of 4 community outreach events, Ontario Streams will educate the public on the ecological significance of our urban rivers valleys. They will strive to better connect the public to our natural systems by fostering greater appreciation and understanding of aquatic life. Ontario Streams will also hire 6 youth to implement stream-restoration projects and provide training, enabling them to become environmental stewards and Greenbelt champions.

Ontario Streams is engaging residents and community members in Richmond Hill, Markham, and Brampton to take part in stream-restoration and other stewardship initiatives.