Dog-Gone Ganaraska


Princess Bella from Ohio

My husband and I are considering getting a dog, something small about the size of a bread box that will be happy in our small house and backyard, be great with kids and like to go running with me.  Last week I mentioned we had hiked in the Ganaraska forest in the Greenbelt and while we were there we found out that there is actually a breed named after the region that might be a lovely match.  After doing some research when we came home we found that it’s a cross of a Birchon Frise, Poodle and Miniature Schnauzer and is apparently good with kids.  We are still wrestling with the idea of a dog from a rescue centre or pound versus a “breed”, but seeing that we’ll wait till the little one in my belly is up and walking we have some time to make a decision and are open to any ideas! 

What kind of dog would you have as an addition to your family?

--Susan Murray, Communications Director

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