Tales from Durham: Durham Region breaks record for world’s largest picnic table


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On a Saturday afternoon in August, I sat among a crowd of over 600 waiting anxiously to hear the results. Armed with Tyrone Mill’s delicious homemade donuts, we were prepared for any outcome. Then they announced it, Durham Region had broken the Guinness World-Record for the longest picnic table!

Just the day before, Habitat for Humanity Durham and their team of volunteers had been hard at work constructing the giant table in Victoria Fields in Whitby, Ontario. By the time they called it a day, they'd built a 136.61 metre long picnic table (that’s 448.196 feet!). The table was ready for the next day's event: the Durham Festival's Harvest Picnic - a communal breaking-of-bread to "break-in" the brand new table.

A close up of the Guinness World-Record's longest picnic table.

Sitting over 500 people, the event brought together families and foodies alike. As a partner for this event, we wanted to be sure to add a Greenbelt feature for everyone who was participating, so we handed out Greenbelt Donuts! Made by our friends at Tyrone Mills (located in the Greenbelt), we provided over 500 homemade donuts to our fellow picnickers. Honestly, what would a picnic be without Tyrone Mills donuts?

When we first heard about the opportunity to be able to partner with the Durham Festival for a Guinness World-Record event, we were interested. Then we learned that the Harvest Picnic Table event (associated with the Durham Festival) would focus on promoting local food, that’s when we had to get involved! We look forward to more events in Durham Region that will support the community and local food within it.

This table not only broke the record by 54.196 feet, but also provided free lumber for four townhouses in Oshawa which will be used for those who are in need of a home. 


--Communications Assistant, Durham Region


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