Enter the McMichael Gallery's Humber River Photo Contest!

Are you a photographer? Do you know a photographer? The Greenbelt Foundation has partnered with the McMichael Art Collection of Canada to host a photo contest celebrating the Humber River Valley's 20th Anniversary as a Canadian Heritage River.

Added to the protected lands of the Greenbelt in 2017, the Humber River Valley is a critically important resource linking the rural lands of the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario, while traveling through one of the most densely populated areas in the country. 

Bridge on Humber River

The Greenbelt Foundation is proud to be on the selection panel to choose winners who submit images from around the Humber River area in two broad categories:

1. The Humber River and its Natural Beauty

  • Images that focus on the Valley’s landscape and its natural habitat

2. The People of the Humber River

  • Images that celebrate the communities along the river as well as the cultural and architectural heritage of the Valley

Photographers are encouraged to compete for the Friends of the Greenbelt Award. The winning image will best capture the role of the Greenbelt-protected urban Humber River valley as a critical natural resource within a developed landscape. Submissions from both thematic categories below will be considered.

This photo submission call hopes to tell the story of the Humber River Valley through a series of powerful, beautiful, and celebratory images taken by Ontario photographers. Please note that while up to 3 winners will be chosen from each category. The Deadline is Thursday August 15, 2019 at 5PM EST. Get your submissions in!




For full details, please visit: http://mcmichael.com/event/humber-river-photo-contest/


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