From Refuse to Reuse: Celebrating Earth Day


In celebration of Earth Day, the Foundation made use (or should we say, reuse) of some kitchen refuse to start some local spring seedlings. 

With 1.6 billion coffee cups ending up in Canadian landfills annually it only makes sense to make the best of the waste that we create by giving it a second use. However, within the waste hierarchy reduce does sit higher than reuse. It's in our best interests and the interests of the planet to cut back on the garbage we create. 

So I'm making a personal goal this Earth Day to cut back on the litter associated with my meals--take-out containers be gone!--and starting these seedlings is a step in the right direction. When's the last time your garden's sweet, fresh cherry tomatoes needed a styrofoam container? That's what I thought.

Happy Earth Day, friends!

-- Jenny Chan, Communications Assistant

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