Gifts of Giving


People say there are two types of givers: those that buy presents that people need, and those that buy things that people want. We'd like to challenge this categorization and say that there are actually three categories of gift-givers. The third category is those that buy things that can bring social change, enhance our environments, or help other succeed in the good work that they do. Gifts of giving. 

Below are three Greenbelt gifts of giving from Greenbelt organizations that are working to preserve its natural beauty and create a sustainable future for all.


Bruce Trail Conservancy

Help preserve Canada’s oldest marked footpath and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Visit or call (905) 529-6821.

Environment Hamilton

An organization working to help grow and develop the knowledge and skills needed to protect and enhance the environment surrounding Hamilton. Donations can be made by contacting (905) 549-0900.


Play a role in Ontario’s Greenbelt by making sure there is fresh healthy food for everyone. By placing a donation to FoodShare in the name of a friend or family member, you are ensuring many FoodShare projects are able to continue contributing to many communities. Most FoodShare programs are completely community service, such as teaching how to make homemade baby food, supporting community gardens and kitchens and operating the FoodLink Hotline.

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