Grantee Spotlight: Catching up with the Credit Valley Trail



Grantee Spotlight is a blog series highlighting the experiences and successes of the Foundation’s grantees, as they work with communities and other Greenbelt partners to keep our province’s farmlands, forests, and wetlands safe and sustainable for future generations.

First proposed more than 60 years ago, the enduring vision of connected and protected trail along the Credit River is becoming a reality. This past September, the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation announced a $100,000 grant to support the creation of the Credit Valley Trail Master Plan.

The grant supports Credit Valley Conservation and the Credit Valley Heritage Society as they work towards the creation Master Plan by 2017 and a fully actualized 110-kilometre hiking trail within the next 10-15 years! It might seem like a long-time to wait, but there are lots of important milestones to celebrate along the way.

Read project-lead Susan Robertson’s latest Credit Valley Trail (CVT) update to get the inside scoop on this visionary project (see Susan's earlier update here).


Credit_Valley_Trail.pngWant to explore nature and history while walking the banks of the Credit River? So do we!

Since, the kick-off of the CVT project last September, the teams at Credit Valley Conservation, the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation and the Credit Valley Heritage Society have been working hard to turn that dream into a reality; needless to say, we’ve been busy!

We’ve been working alongside First Nation communities, regional and municipal governments, and local NGOs to start developing the hiking and cycling line and to start brainstorming natural and cultural sites to highlight along the future pedestrian corridor

We’ve engaged 190 people so far! How? Through meetings and events like our recent CVT Cultural Roundtable hosted in downtown Brampton's Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives and our First Nations Roundtable where we connected with First Nation elders whose communities have deep histories along the Credit. 

Together, we’re strategizing how we can best share First Nation stories along the trail, how we can create branding through a fun and interactive public naming and logo process, and the steps we need to take to develop a tourism plan in the fall. On the near horizon is the launch of our CVT Name Game, where we'll be providing a fun and interactive way for people to vote on their favourite "official name" for the CVT over the summer! Stay tuned in to vote!

The CVT is a legacy project that aims to grow the greenbelt along the waterway, connect residents to nature and culture and provide a direct north-south link from the Waterfront Trail to the TransCanada Trail.

Interested in participating? Stay tuned for more details at #creditvalleytrail, or or contact!

--Susan Robertson
Environmental Planner
Project Lead, Credit Valley Trail Project


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