Greenbelt Harvest Picnic: Get Local. Get Involved. Get Down.


Last year's Greenbelt Harvest Picnic was something wasn't it? With all of the swimming, fabulous music and sun it makes you will they top it? Well worry not, things are really amping up as we draw closer to this year’sGreenbelt Harvest picnic on Saturday August 31 at the Christie Lake Conservation Area with Neil Young. As always, one of the highlights of the picnic is the enticing Greenbelt Farmer’s Market.

At this year’s picnic, we will continue to celebrate Ontario’s hard working farmers and the delicious food they bring to our tables. Learn and engage with passionate members of the agricultural community, join the “eat local movement” and brush up on where your food comes from. Just don’t forget to sample all of their yummy fresh foods. After all, what’s a harvest picnic, without the harvest?


Be sure to stop by the Greenbelt tent, tell us why you love Ontario’s Greenbelt and enter our contest for a chance to win tickets to the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic 2014.


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