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Photo Credit: Waterfront Regeneration Trust

We made cycling history! From August 16-21 the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure: Greenbelt Edition (GWTA) ran the length of the new Greenbelt Route. Last week's ride not only marked the first time ever that the GWTA left the shores of Lake Ontario, it also marked the official launch of the 475-km cycling route.

After three years of planning alongside the Waterfront Regeneration Trust and in collaboration with 27 partner communities, the official launch of the Route is a spectacular milestone. More than 1,100 signs are up, the Route is mapped, the website is live, and all in time for last week's inaugural six-day ride celebrating 10 years of Ontario's Greenbelt. 

The Greenbelt Foundation team not only joined the more than 120 cyclists who participated in the ride end-to-end, we also spent those six days chatting with everyone we could - from residents, to business owners, to local politicians. We talked about the joys of cycling, the joys of the Greenbelt, and the economic and tourism benefits that emerge now that the two have been formally intertwined. The community excitement for the initiative was energizing: we fielded hundreds of questions about the Greenbelt, saw Greenbelt Route decals emerging in the windows of local business, and joined the throngs of satisfied cyclists filling up the many cafes, fruit stands, and markets dotted throughout the Route. 

It was great fun - and the local media took notice. In case you missed it, see below for an overview of what Greenbelt communities have been saying about our 6-day adventure and the launch of the Greenbelt Route!


The Greenbelt Route

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The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure: Greenbelt Edition 


Trailhead Signs

The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure: Greenbelt Edition 


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Trailhead Signs

The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure: Greenbelt Edition

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